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14th June. Course open. Updated: 14th Jun 2024

Mersey Seniors - Yellow Stableford

Monday 17th June
Northenden, Tee - Yellow
H'cap Allowance: 95%

  • Minimum age for competitors is 60.
  • Entry fee is £5.00 ex 2’s. Pay to the Pro on the day.
  • 90% of the total fee to be returned as prizes.
    • The host club to decide the prize structure, with the number of prizes dependent on the number of entrants. Maximum 1st prize £70.
    • Prize vouchers and balls for ‘2’s are to be collected from the host club. Vouchers must be spent at the host club.
  • Competition played off tees of the day.

Entry for only from Mersey Clubs (Chorlton Didsbury Northenden Sale and Withington)

Mersey Seniors - Yellow Stableford

Monday 17th June 2024, Yellow Tees, Northenden

(95% handicap allowance)

Revenue: £370
Club's Share: £40

1st Robbie McGall  NGC   38 Points £70.00
2nd Gary Steed     CCHGC 37 Points £65.00
3rd Ali Akbar M    NGC   36 Points £55.00
4th Tam Donnelly   NGC   35 Points £50.00
5th Raymond Massey WGC   34 Points £40.00 CPO
6th Alan Drysdale  SGC   34 Points £30.00 CPO
7th Peter Kirrane  NGC   34 Points £20.00 CPO

Twos Report: £16 per two
Ian Lester (18)    2    15th
Robbie McGall (20)    2    4th
Simon Poucher (13)    2    4th

Prizes available as vouchers in the Northenden Pro-shop.

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Results Points
1stRobbie McGall(20) 38
2ndGarry Steed(25) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 37
3rdAli Akbar Mohammed(18) 36
4thTam Donnelly(11) 35
5thRaymond Massey(24) Withington 34
6thAlan Drysdale(13) Sale Golf Club 34
7thPeter Kirrane(16) 34
8thJonathan Dean(10) 34
9thKevin Lee(26) Sale Golf Club 34
10thStephen Mannion(20) Sale Golf Club 34
11thSimon Poucher(13) Sale Golf Club 33
12thJohn Hassett(12) Sale Golf Club 33
13thChris Lister(17) 33
14thRobert Vickers(10) 33
15thIan Lester(18) Sale Golf Club 32
16thTim Tighe(13) Sale Golf Club 32
17thMartyn Bonner(15) 32
18thJohn Dwyer(22) 32
19thChris Nicholls(12) Sale Golf Club 32
20thRobert Kelsall(24) 31
21stDavid Muirhead(11) 31
22ndBarry Underwood(24) 31
23rdTerry Crewe(16) Sale Golf Club 31
24thPaul Birkett(14) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 31
25thJoseph O'Connor(24) Withington 30
26thSteve Wilkinson(8) Didsbury 30
27thGraham Jenkinson(14) Sale Golf Club 30
28thIan Pickersgill(22) 30
29th Paul Johnson(9) 29
30thJoe Wong(16) Withington 29
31stRoger Mansell(16) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 29
32ndVincent Walsh(21) 29
33rdJoe Fitzgibbon(16) 29
33rdPaul Waring(12) 29
35thRobert Downs(14) Sale Golf Club 28
36thMark Vickers(11) 28
37thPeter Harrison Johnson(20) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 28
38thJohn Davies(16) Withington 28
39thTom Wall(21) Withington 28
40thChris Kirrane(19) 28
41stPaul Cragg(20) Withington 28
42ndJae Duk Kim(14) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 27
43rdRICHARD HARRISON(17) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 27
44thEamon Keane(17) 26
45thMichael Eardley(21) Withington 26
46thROBERT GANLEY(22) Withington 26
47thMonty Milner(27) 26
48thAllan Broomhead(22) 26
49thChris Harrison (Snr)(10) 26
50thStuart Green(24) Withington 25
51stJohn J Dowling(36) Withington 25
52ndDavid Hannah(28) Sale Golf Club 25
53rdRobert Cooper(10) Withington 25
54thJames Huddlestone(27) Sale Golf Club 25
55thCammie Stewart(15) 25
56thBernard Walmsley(21) Sale Golf Club 24
57thPaul Drury(11) Sale Golf Club 24
58thRay Pabla(11) 24
59thKit Parkington(8) 24
60thBill Richardson(31) 24
61stMike Serrage(14) Didsbury 23
62ndChris Green(18) Sale Golf Club 23
63rdW Garrett(35) Withington 23
64thStan Devlin(16) Sale Golf Club 23
65thAnibal Cabral(9) 22
66thBrian Slipper(22) 22
67thSteven Berg(13) Sale Golf Club 21
68thBrian Atherton(21) 21
69thPete Lewis(35) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club 19
70thNeil Arber(22) Sale Golf Club 19
DQDave Roxburgh(22) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club DQ no card
DQFred Lilley(23) Withington DQ no card
DQNeil Forster(1) DQ no card
DQAndrew Webb(9) Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club DQ no card

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Open To: Men
Current Entries: 74

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