Northenden Golf Club

Course Status

24th May. 18 holes open. Buggies on stick to fairways. Updates will only take place when the conditions of the course change. Updated: 24th May 2024

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Course Rules

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Dress Code & Etiquette

We have a very relaxed attitude to dress code and etiquette around the club. We simply ask that traditions are observed and that respect is paid to all members and visitors at all times.

On The Course

We ask that all players wear traditional golf clothing...

  • No jeans, trainers, beach shorts, cargo shorts, combat trousers, t-shirts or football shirts
  • Shirts should be tucked into trousers or shorts
  • All tops must have collars or turtle necks
  • Shorts should be tailored golf shorts and should be worn with white ankle or calf length socks

We also ask that all players...

  • Respect the course
  • Rake bunkers, replace fairway divots, and repair pitch marks on the green
  • Avoid slow play and let others through if they are waiting behind you
  • Be courteous to other players at all times
  • Do not use your mobile phone
  • Comply with the etiquette and rules of golf
  • Enjoy yourself!

In the Clubhouse

  • Clean golf shoes only in the spike bar.
  • No golf shoes in the reception or upstairs bar and dining areas.
  • Use of mobile phones with consideration to others

A more detailed description of our dress code can be found here.

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