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24th May. 18 holes open. Buggies on stick to fairways. Updates will only take place when the conditions of the course change. Updated: 24th May 2024

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The competition committee needs your help with marking the comp cards correctly so it would help reduce the burden of manual entering the comp cards for team comps. Entering more than one score (for betterball) and more than two scores (for best of 2 from 3/4) will delay the entry process because the admin has to scan the scores and identify the correct score to input.

For individual comp, the strokes recorded in column A should be for the person spelt out in the label on the card. For team comps, the first name on the label should correspond to column A, second name on the label should correspond to Column B etc. Any cards that do not follow this basic rule will be DQed.

General rule: Only strokes recorded in columns A, B, C and D will be accepted. Marker column will be completed ignored.

Most of the marking errors happen in team comps (betterball or best 2 from 3 or 4) - this page tries to explain the proper procedure for marking comp cards for team comps. 

Examples of a correctly marked cards in a two-ball betterball comp are shown below. Notice only one score per row and marked the correct column A and B .

Note: First name on the comp label should be associated with column A, second name on label with column B and so on.

Some common marking errors in 2-ball betterball format are:

- Entering more than one score. Only the best score should be entered and should be entered in the correct column (A or B) for the player who scored

- Entering all scores in just one column regardless of which player scored.

- Any scores entered in the "Marker" column will be completely ignored by comp admin.

Example of a incorrectly   marked cards in a betterball comp:

Some common marking errors in "Best 2 out of 3" comp format are:

- Entering all 3 scores - only the best two scores should be written down and under the correct column (A, B or C) matching the players who scored

- Entering one of the scores in the "Marker" column - any scores entered in the "Marker" column will be completely ignored by comp admin.

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