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13th April Holes Open 1 to 15 and 18. No buggies Updated: 13th Apr 2024

New Visitors Arriving in Numbers


At Northenden GC we pride ourselves in welcoming visitors but, recently, many members will be aware of an increasing number of noisy, non-paying guests populating our course. Originally from Africa and southern Asia and kept as caged birds, some Ring-necked Parakeets escaped and by the 1970s started breeding in south-eastern England. In recent years a small population has been steadily growing in South Manchester , particularly in the Didsbury area, and is now expanding along the Mersey valley.

Ring-necked Parakeets are very noisy and their call is a shrill screeching sound.

In both sexes the plumage is bright emerald green, the hooked bill is crimson and their very long tail is a blue-green. The legs are greenish-grey.

The male differs from the female in that it has a pink and black neck ring and a blue nape

The parakeet's diet consists of seeds, berries, fruits, flowers and nectar, but British birds will also eat wild bird seeds and meat (such as bacon rind and meat from bone).

Both males and females have the ability to  mimic human speech. First, the bird listens to its surroundings, and then it copies the voice of the human speaker so would golfers please be careful to moderate their language after that duffed shot!


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